GDJYB is a female maths-folk band from Hong Kong. Their music are produced in the language of Hongish (Hong Kong style English), which is a mixture of Cantonese and English unique to the city of Hong Kong.

Current line-up of the band include Soni Cheng (Guitar), Heihei Ng (Drums), Soft Liu (Vocal), and Wing Chan (Bass). The band started in summer 2012 when Guitarist Soni came across Vocalist Soft through an online music forum, who later introduced Drummer Heihei into the group and began jamming as a trio. The name GDJYB is taken from the acronym of their Cantonese name “Gai Daan Jing Yuk Bang”, a Chinese dish made of steamed egg & pork.

The band’s quirky style extends from their language to their music style. Through a change of tempos, patterns and clear guitar lines, GDJYB fuse the math-rock and folk genres with Hongish (Special mix of Cantonese and English) that brings an unprecedentedly creative style to the local indie music scene. With music content surrounding on local social and political issues, their style is attested by the local media’s positive reviews. In 2014 they were nominated by Time Out HK Magazine as one of the “New Rising Stars in Hong Kong’s new music”.

In 2014, the band also released their first self-titled debut EP and successfully made their first solo gig in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. They were soon invited as the opening guest for Japanese math-rock band Tricot. They have been invited to the  well-appreciated local music festival Clockenflap in 2014 and 2016. Out of Hong Kong, they have also been invited to various overseas festivals in Asia, such as Megaport Festival in Kaohsiung, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore. Recently, they have made their footsteps out of Asia, participating in OzAsia Festival in Adelaide, Australia.

After two years of preparation, they released their first full-length album “23:59 Before Tomorrow”in December 2016 and organised their second solo concert in Hong Kong. It has also marked the joining of current bassist Wing. This 11-track album includes their most well-known track “Durian What What What”. A Taiwanese version of the album has also been published by HER Music Taiwan. The album’s welcoming results in Taiwan has led to GDJYB being nominated as a candidate of the “Best Musical Group” in the 28th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

With a new member lineup nurturing out the best of them, the band is ready to embark on a new adventure to promote their music to the world.