EP Release Party
October 30, 2018
Hong Kong
Just Climb
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//// 不同的角度,可以看到不同的事實。
你願意主動踏出一步,換個角度,陪我們尋找故事的「真相」嗎? ////


就有機會參與我們10月30日在杏花村 JUST CLIMB 香港攀石 舉辦的EP發佈了!

#請注意買了黑膠不等於報了名 #GDJYB #ProjectSquarecle#JustClimb #最後21日 #究竟soft喺邊呢

Economy shipping 運費是$6usd (寄往香港)和
Priority shipping 有追蹤郵件的號碼,運費是$24usd(寄往香港) 。

2.如果大家想參加我們的EP release party ,記得擷取完成預訂的畫面,連同圖片留言/inbox/電郵給我們報名。




////Different approaches may lead to different truths.
Are you willing to take your first step, to look at things with a different perspective, and search for the “truth” of the story with us? ////

Is it a concert? Is it a party? Or is it actually a sports event?
It’s getting me so confused.

Want to find out what it is?
Buy our vinyl and enroll for the experience!
The EP release event is going to be held on 30/10 at Just Climb, Hang Fa Chuen!

Here are two reminders to those who are interested in purchasing our vinyl:
1. The crowdfunding web does support two shipping methods, which includes economy shipping (USD$6 to HK), and priority shipping with tracking (USD$24 to HK).
*Shipping price varies for different countries

2. If you want to join our EP release party, please remember to screencap the preorder acknowledgment page and send to us through commenting on the post / inbox / email.

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